The oblivon trilogy

Written and animated by Smithmovies Inc.,The Oblivion Trilogy, widely considered the greates fanmade lego and doctor who films of all time, is 5 part saga that envolves the doctor once again fighting the master and trying to stop him from taking over the universe with the wheel of oblivion that is an artifact that has the power to unleash beasts with in.

Known episodes

The Wheel Of Oblivion

The Three Crystals

The Tri-Form Awoken

The Light In The Dark

The Hour Of Twelve


The Doctor (11th and 12th incarnation)

Amy Pond (all episodes, left in episode 5)

Rory Williams (all episodes, left in episode 5)

The Master (all episodes, died in episode 5)

The Daleks (episodes 3,4,5)

Rassilon (episode 1 only,projection)

Zarla (appears in episode 3, the episode 4 prequel and episode 5)

The Tri-form (episodes 3 to 5, destroyed in episode 5)

The Ninja (all episodes)

Captain Jack Harkness (episodes 4 and 5)